From the beginning, Simon and Zoran exchanged top spot, while Miro was nowhere to be seen. After first day, there was no clear favourite and anything could have happened. Few days in, Miro started tweeting and promoting community vote on social media and crowd slowly started pushing him to the top.

As we approached last two days, first spot was cemented for Miro and Simon was strong second, so battle switched for third. It was clear that differences would be minimal and organisers even started to discuss scenario on how they would handle a tie between Zoran and Tomek. Luckily for them, eight minutes before the deadline, winning vote came in for Zoran.

Here are the results for top talks, in details.

1 Miro Svrtan - Being a remote developer 55
2 Simon Belak - Building dashboards people actually use 46
3 Zoran Antolovic - Self-testable API docs - Docs shouldn't lie! 35
4 Tomek Wytrębowicz - CSS Grid Layout - the only grid framework you need to know 34
5 Marina Jukić - Keeping up with developers 32
6 Ville Hellman - Continuously Improving Everything 31
7 Zoran Antolovic - Auto updated Test Environments with large databases 28
8 Petar Obradović - The Bystander Effect 27
9 Alexandra Bowen - Up Your API Game, from REST to Microservices 26
10 Antonio Peric-Mazar - A recipe for effective leadership 24
10 Alexandra Bowen - Developers as Company Leaders 24
10 Luka Skukan - Taking functional JavaScript further 24
10 Miro Svrtan - Jenkins vs Circle vs Travis 24
10 Andrei Zvonimir Crnković - Make web apps great again 24

To all runner ups, we strongly encourage you to find a local user group and give your talk there. Many of them are struggling to find good topics/speakers and this is a clear indication that people are dying to hear you speak!

Congratulations to Miro, Simon and Zoran who will be joining our lineup of speakers. If you would like to hear them live, secure your place today by purchasing a ticket for WebCamp Zagreb 2016 conference. Do not wait to long though, you might miss getting awesome swag bag - after October 7th, we sell only no swag tickets.