Self-testable API docs - Docs shouldn't lie!

What is JSON Hyper-Schema and how to generate self-testable API docs that are interactive, pretty and without lies!

There are lots of tools for documenting API-s (Swagger, apiDoc, ...) that are pretty useful and cool, but the main thing is that you cannot be sure that generated docs are always valid. In the world of RESTful API-s without WSDL, API Docs are the only place where API consumers can get information about services your API provides.

Maintaining valid documentation is important for quality API-s, especialy for weak type languages such as PHP, where an API endpoint can return either boolean or integer and it is completely valid, but can crash an mobile phone app.

I'll show how to use JSON Hyper-Schema in order to describe your endpoints and returning models in flexible way, so you can easily generate pretty documentation but also API tests.

We'll demonstrate how to test your endpoints against API documentation with Codeception implementation and validate that all your endpoints are described in right way.

That handy tool will be available for everyone to use (open sourced) and contribute if they want so

Skill level: Intermediate
Duration: 25 min
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Zoran Antolovic

Before I started working as a Backend Web Developer in 2014 Trikoder (Zagreb), I was freelancing on different projects, working as a Web Design Lecturer at Algebra, IT consultant for small businesses and problem solver for everyone else. Besides my regular job, I run small startup that connects beekeeping and modern web technologies. I was one of few organizers of Ready, Steady, Code 1.0 Hackathon at FOI, winner and participant of several other hackathons in Croatia and Serbia, member of Open Systems and Security Lab (FOI OSS) and co-founder of Mobile Technologies Lab at FOI (mt-lab).

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