To attend the conference you need a ticket and there are bunch of cool ways to get one. One that we like the most is - to purchase them. We can not stress enough how much this means to conference organisers. Apart for having money to pay for conference’s costs, seeing ticket sales go up is a great morale boost for our team. Since we are community driven conference, we also plan to give out a lot of tickets for free:

  • If you spoke in a user group since last WebCamp Zagreb (Oct 2015) you will get a free ticket, no questions asked. If you haven’t, there is still time! Contact user group organisers and propose a talk, they will be happy to have you.
  • If you are a student at one of the Zagreb’s technical universities ask your development or programming course assistant to contact us. They will get batches of tickets intended for student population.


By speaking on WebCamp Zagreb you are embracing the true spirit of our conference. Apart from our eternal gratitude, speakers will get:

  • conference ticket with all meals and perks included,
  • nice speakers dinner the evening before the conference,
  • if you are remote (meaning not living in Zagreb) we will put you and your travel companion up in a nice apartment or a hotel for the duration of the conference + an extra day either to recuperate from the trip or to explore Zagreb afterwards,
  • depending on the budget, there is a possibility to cover travel costs but we can’t promise that upfront. If your company would like to pay for your travel, we do not mind giving away one Supporter pack.
  • if you are local (we did not forget about you) we will organise speaking and presenting workshops beginning October to hone your stage skills and prepare you to rock the talk.

Waste no time and submit to CFP. There will be two rounds of talk selections + community votes so there are plenty chances to be selected.


If we could write a book of thank you’s for our sponsors we would run out of paper very fast. It sounds like a cliche, but without your financial support we would not be able to pull this conference off. We have prepared several different sponsorship packages that will get you a ton of exposure, recruiting opportunities and showing off how cool you are. Check out our PDF with all the details and prices.


We know that you might be reading that as “free labor”. Yes, you will help out and yes, you do not get paid for helping, but you will get so much in return. Volunteers have enough time to check out talks that interest them, get experience in seeing how a conference is organised/run and personal satisfaction of making something cool happen. Let us know that you would like to work with us.


Making its debut this year, the ambassador role is our opportunity to say thanks to people who promote WebCamp Zagreb, spreading the word about the conference, mention us on Twitter and Facebook and suggest sponsors or keynote speakers. Selected few will get a special swag bag and brag rights for the rest of the year. Also, do note that anagram for ambassador is badassamor. Because that is what you are - a badass that we love so much :)