How to overengineer a meme generator?

When you just want to use all the latest web technologies.

Everybody has at least one test project which is the testing ground for the newest and latest technologies. That is pretty normal - we all want to play with the newest toys. This talk will introduce a pet project that escalated pretty fast and went from being a normal testing ground to the ultimate show-off of some coolest and newest HTML/JS technologies.

Skill level: Elementary
Duration: 25 min
Photo of Kresimir Antolic
Kresimir Antolic

The main reason why Kresimir entered the mystical world of web development is the fact he had no Internet access while growing up. Once he was introduced to its magic he instantly fell in love with it and all the possibilities this platform provides. Now he’s passionate about the Web and having the possibility to work on it and hopes to do so for many years to come.

He spends his days as a JavaScript Team Dictator at Infinum. He loves his job and the Web.

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