Elm or how I learned to love front-end development

Elm is a programming language for front-end development that combines the elegance of functional programming with the easiness of writing maintainable code

Front-end development is rapidly evolving, with new frameworks coming and going at a crazy pace.

Among the many options, Elm stands out as one of the most original and promising approaches: it combines the elegance of statically typed functional programming with the easiness of writing and reading maintainable code, yet providing a seamless integration with javascript code.

In this talk Marco will introduce Elm, percurring the steps needed to build a working application. He will dig into the best language features, also exposing how Elm can foster the development of modular, reusable and testable front-end architectures.

Skill level: Elementary
Duration: 45 min
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Marco Perone

I am a web developer at MVLabs, where we work on developing enterprise applications. I grew up as a mathematician and I love to bring in my code the same formalism and precision you can find in mathematics. I love design patterns and I enjoy to experiment with them during my coding time. In my "spare" time I like to read books, learn new things and talk with people about new trends in the programming world.

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