Client Experience Design

Project management, client management, selling the process, delivering long-lasting results.

To craft a truly effective user experience we need to examine the general behaviour, affinities and motivations of end-users and to meet their needs, but at the same time we ought to meet our clients’ goals. The real challenge, however, is making our clients comfortable with the design process and teaching them how to meet their customers’ needs. Learn how to establish mutual understanding and collaboration with your client by designing your relationship.

Skill level: Advanced
Duration: 45 min
Photo of Marko Dugonjic
Marko Dugonjic

Marko Dugonjić is a designer, speaker and author based in Velika Gorica, Croatia. As the creative and user experience director at Creative Nights, he improves customers’ digital experiences for international clients. He is an editor at Smashing Magazine, the author of the Smashing Book 4, chapter “The Next Steps For Web Typography”, and the founder of Typetester, an online tool for designing with web fonts.

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