Building event driven services

Event driven architecture can be great fit for your distributed services if you don't shoot your foot off first.

Although microservices are the most abused buzzword of 2016, the idea of distributing applications into multiple loosely coupled services is not new.

Event driven architecture uses events to communicate state changes between otherwise decoupled components - this makes it a great fit for such applications and can in many cases simplify the implementation.

The talk is about what I have learnt from building a proof-of-concept application for a client: how patterns like event-sourcing and CQRS (command-query responsibility segregation) and tools like message queues and event stores can be used to build a scalable solution which is easy to understand and maintain.

As always - there is no silver bullet. There are some non-trivial issues with this approach so come learn from my mistakes.

Skill level: Intermediate
Duration: 25 min
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Zdeslav Vojković

I started programming ages ago, when ZX Spectrum and C64 were synonyms for home computer.

I write code professionally for more than 15 years, have worked in various industries, from automotive to financial, and co-own a small software development workshop where I work as a consultant/contractor/whatever for various clients whom I try to educate about advantages of open source software.

In my spare time, I try to tame my three kids, without significant success.

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