When a bigger boat is not an option - scaling beyond biggest MySQL box

For growing startups like Intercom, it’s natural for the load on datastores to grow on a weekly basis. The solution to this problem for most companies is the same – just get a bigger box from Amazon. We discovered we had the biggest box and we needed more.

This talk outlines how we went about choosing another datastore, how we chose not to blindly follow industry hypes and how we arrived at AWS Aurora, the latest Amazon database. It’s a story that anyone working on infrastructure at a growing company will be able to relate to.

This talk also explains a concept of moving live database with over two billion rows to a new datastore with almost no downtime, 5xx status codes or lost records. We’ll learn about the benefits of moving to such a datastore, the problems it introduced, and all about the new ability for scaling that was not there before.

Skill level: Intermediate
Duration: 25 min

This talk is sponsored by Intercom.

Photo of Mario Kostelac
Mario Kostelac

Mario is a product engineer in Intercom, where he tackles whatever problem needs to be solved. Scaling datastores and constant fighting for simplicity in codebase and architecture are just couple of things he cares about. He cares about tasty food, too!

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