Using SQLite to take user-built maps offline on mobile devices

How to render and store large amounts of mapping data on a mobile device in offline conditions.

We are all using basemaps from Google, Apple, etc. on our mobile phones and some of those maps can work offline, but what about custom maps built from user data? Maps like parcels, water, electric, gas infrastructure or assets data? Such maps are usually accessed on mobile devices through the web, but often we might need them when we are without an internet connection, so how to get access to data in such situations? The answer is to take maps offline on mobile devices.

What are the technical challenges of storing maps with thousands or million records on a phone? Why is SQLite ideal database for offline map storage? How to render such maps using hardware with limited capabilities? What are storage and bandwidth requirements? How to solve offline map editing and synchronization? These are some of the questions this talk will focus on.

Skill level: Intermediate
Duration: 25 min
Photo of Dino Ravnic
Dino Ravnic

Never had a "real" job. I co-founded GIS Cloud during my computer science studies in Zagreb. I'm passionate about exploring new ideas and challenges in software and technology. My focus is in mapping space, where our company is challenging old-school industry with new approaches.

Nowadays I'm more focused at my CEO role, but I still love to get my hands dirty and dig into code.

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