Making React part of something greater

React is a great view layer, but what about the rest of the app structure?

React is a great view layer, but if you want to create something more than a simple TODO app, you’ll need some other parts. First of, you’ll need a data structure and a way to handle the changes in it. Although the most simple way to do it could be to take parts of a framework you’re used to (e.g. Backbone Collections/Models), there is something better out there. First, there was the Flux architecture, made by Facebook itself - it forced us to change and consume our data in a certain way in order to prevent developers from shooting themselves in the foot. Then there was Redux - a state container that preaches immutability and time travel. While Redux is great, and enables us great things like hot module reloading, it is also very strict and introduces a lot of boilerplate code. MobX, on the other side, has almost no boilerplate code, can be strict when/if you want it to be, and gives you a nice performance boost for free.

Skill level: Intermediate
Duration: 25 min
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Darko Kukovec

Darko Kukovec is a JavaScript Team Lead at Infinum, spending his time mostly making hybrid mobile, and sometimes desktop apps. In his free time, he experiments with node.js, browser extensions, manipulating CSS with JavaScript and everything else JavaScript related. He loves Backbone, strongly dislikes Sencha Touch, likes trying out new things and is a firm believer in Atwoods law.

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