How to communicate as a programmer

The problem with customers and clients is they have no idea what I'm talking about .... Not anymore

Have you ever written some code for a client but they end up saying "Cool, but that's not what I asked for!" How do you know what to build? Learn the difference between user stories, functional specifications, and acceptance criteria. How can I write and speak so the client can understand me? These questions will be answered and more.

Skill level: Elementary
Duration: 25 min

This talk was chosen by Ruby Zagreb user group.

Photo of Steve Tauber
Steve Tauber

Steve Tauber balances technical expertise and customer relations to deliver award winning web and mobile applications. His background in supporting cutting-edge infrastructure for national ISPs adds to an already diverse skill set. He's worked for companies ranging in size from a Fortune 15 company to a three person operation. He applies natural talent to translate a love of learning into a love of teaching. In his free time, Steve supports Seattle Sounders FC and spends time with his dog, Dina.

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