How to build a website that will (eventually) work on Mars?

Is your web app Mars-first? No? This talk will show you how to use existing technologies in the browser to make an interplaneteary web app 🙀

At not so distant future human race will be able to make a colony on Mars, and we’ll need a stable communication between the planets.

Interplanetary internet works a bit different than we would expects (ie. there’s a delay of minimum 3.5 to 22 minutes between the planets) and it also brings new protocols etc.

Idea of this talk is to try to put technologies available in the browser today together and to make a website (actually a web app) that would eventually work on Mars even before we have full infrastructure there too.

An example? Ok, so, since there’s a huge delay between the planets (minimum 3.5-22 minutes) TCP/IP doesn’t work anymore, there’s some new protocols (DTN, etc.) Imaging a news website that people from Mars use to see the news from Earth. First we don’t want to ping the servers on Earth all the time, we need to use Service Workers for full offline cache and strong background sync and IndexedDB for a local storage. Even with that, no one want’s to wait for a new updates for 6-44 minutes, so we should probably use WebRTC to load news and other new resources peer-to-peer between people on Mars and to have some background sync with Earth servers. What about media? Well, we can use WebRTC too, there’s Web torrent and some other technologies that can help with peer-to-peer loading and streaming video and other media files. And there’s many more things we can use.

This is obviously just a talk for fun, things will evolve much more until the moment we start building a colony on Mars.

PS. Don’t use this in production :P

Skill level: Elementary
Duration: 25 min
Photo of Slobodan Stojanović
Slobodan Stojanović

Slobodan Stojanović is (mostly) JavaScript and node.js programmer from Belgrade, Serbia.

For the past 5 years, he works as a CTO of Montreal based software development agency Cloud Horizon. Co-organizer of JS Belgrade meetups and workshops.

He is passionate about offline web, chat bots , and JavaScript and node.js in general.

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