Bullseye: An introduction to Dart

An introduction to the Dart language as an alternative to Javascript.

While there are a lot of languages to choose on the server side, web developers on the client side are tied to JavaScript. Sure, you can choose CoffeeScript or TypeScript, which try to fix some shortcomings of JavaScript. Another alternative is Dart, a open source general purpose language developed by Google, which can be transpiled to JavaScript, run on the server and, in the future, be used to build native, cross-platform mobile applications. Within this talk, we'll see why Dart is a compelling choice for your web applications. We'll take a look at actual Dart code to get a feeling for how development with Dart can look like. And we'll talk about the pro's and con's directly drawn from a company which was among the first to use Dart in production. We'll also take a look into server-side Dart and into Flutter, the framework to develop native mobile applications for Android and iPhone in Dart.

Skill level: Elementary
Duration: 25 min

This talk was chosen by Lambda Zagreb user group.

Photo of Sebastian Göttschkes
Sebastian Göttschkes

After tinkering with a PC at the age of four, Sebastian was hooked. 14 years later his code made it on the Internet when he discovered PHP. Since this time there is always some project which needs work done, whether it's a small bash script or a weekend project. Since discovering github, Sebastian has also contribet to some OOS projects.

At work, Sebastian tries to help companies make awesome products by adding awesome features to blossom, a lean product management tool. In his free time he either talks about vagrant (a lot) or plays Go.

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