Bots, AI APIs, and messy interactions

AI & bots especially are changing the way we interact and also how we build software. What are ways we think about interactions differently?

How has the introduction of AI APIs, bots, and IoT changed the way we interact in the world? Let's look at how our own human interactions are being altered, what the future holds, and how designers and developers can begin thinking about patterns of AI in our experience with applications.

Skill level: Elementary
Duration: 25 min

This talk was chosen by ZgPHP user group.

Photo of Ashley Hathaway
Ashley Hathaway

Ashley is a Senior Dev Evangelist for IBM Watson based in Austin, Texas. She is a former Product Manager for the IBM Watson Developer Cloud and focused on their API offerings. She is interested in machine learning, AI, natural language processing and other awesome technologies. Ashley’s previous experience as a front-end dev and UX designer continue to influence her decision-making today.

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